Learn How to Care For a Silk Comforter & Duvet Cover


Silk must be taken care of gently to last through the years. Silk is a luxurious fabric that must be properly cared for or it can be ruined. Since silk is expensive, maintaining it well can keep it lovely for years to come — making the investment worth it. Silk embroidery bedding should never be thrown into a washing machine or wet with water at all. For deep cleaning, your silk duvet must go to the dry cleaner, but there are ways to care for your silk comforter and duvet at home.



1 Put the comforter into the cover to protect it from the harshness of the sun’s rays.

2 Place the silk embroidery bedding  and cover outside for one to two hours. Sun-cure your silk comforter to freshen it without getting it wet. Do not leave it out in the sun for more than two hours.

3 Bring your comforter and cover outside, and dry them on low heat for about half an hour to fluff them.

4 Spot-clean stains on your comforter and duvet cover by using a diluted, mild detergent and water. This should only be done on small spots.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check the care tag on the duvet cover. The cover may be able to be washed on the gentle cycle in the washing machine, but not the comforter itself.
  • Be sure to hang the bedding items securely or lay them on a protected surface while outdoors.
  • Never immerse your embroidery bedding in water or put it into the washing machine.

Clean a Vinyl Shower Curtain


You shower with it every single day, so shouldn’t it be clean? However, your balloon shower curtain is subject to soap scum, hard water and whatever dirt and grime you are washing off of your body. While there are some recommendations out there that will tell you to throw your vinyl shower curtain into the washing machine. By doing so, you can cause the vinyl to become worn or tear. Try these less damaging steps instead.



1 Leave the shower curtain hanging in the shower. Make a solution of equal parts vinegar and hot water in a bucket or a bowl.

2 Put on the gloves and sponge the vinegar solution onto the interior of the Hangzhou wellbon curtain.You might want to put on a bathing suit or similar and get inside of the shower to perform this step.

3 Use another sponge or your tub’s shower wand, if applicable, and rinse off the vinegar solution. Allow the shower curtain to dry.

4 Remove the professional polyester shower curtain from the shower and take it outside. Lay it on a flat, clean place that can be wet and won’t be harmed by bleach. Make a solution of one part bleach to three parts hot water and scrub the shower curtain with the solution. 5 Use a garden hose with a sprayer to rinse off the bleach solution and any remaining gunk and grime.

Make a Satin Drawstring Gift Bag


Rings, earrings or other small jewelry gifts sometimes need more than a small box in which to be presented. Even when giving a gift certificate or gift card, you might want to use something more than an envelope. A braided cotton cord manufacturer provides the perfect touch for a special gift. Satin gift bags are not easy to find, but they are not difficult to make, even if you don’t own a sewing machine.


1 Measure and mark a rectangle 15 inches long by 6 ½ inches wide on the satin using tailor’s chalk. Cut the material along the markings.

2 Finish the edges all around the rectangle. This can be done by using a finishing stitch on a Serger sewing machine, or by using a “no-fray” product.

3 Turn the widen textile lace so the wrong side is facing you. Measure 2¼ and 3¼ inches from the top on each of the long sides and mark these points, using tailor’s chalk or a straight pin. This will be the pocket for the cording.

4 Fold the satin so that the right sides of the length are together and the wrong side is facing you. Mark ¼ inch on the sides. Pin the sides. Stitch along the lines on the side until you come to the bottom pin. Stop at that point, lift the needle and insert it at the next mark and continue sewing. This will create the opening where the cord will come out of the dragon max velvet pouch .

5 Fold the satin down at the 2¼ mark. Iron this fold and pin the fold to hold it in place. Measure and mark a line ¼ inch from the bottom edge of this fold. Measure and mark 1 inch from the first line. Stitch along both lines. This creates the pocket for the cord to threaded through.

6 Turn the satin bag so that the wrong side of the material is inward. Check the openings on each side for the cord. If they are sewn too close together, use a seam ripper or the tip of the scissors to remove one or two stitches to enlarge the opening.

7 Make the drawstring for the satin bag. Cut two 14-inch lengths of cording. Insert a small safety pin in the end of one length of cording and close the pin. Thread the pin and cord into the opening on the side of the bag, and work it through to the other side of the bag. Repeat with the other length of cording on the other side. Place both ends of the cords on one side and tie them into a knot. Repeat on the other side.

Decorate Your Own Fabric Umbrella


An umbrella may be just used as a fashion accessory. With the right tools and a little creativity, you can transform a plain China pencil umbrella into a piece of decor. Whether for hanging in a room or talking along on a walk to block the sun, a colorful umbrella may attract attention from passersby. Decorative parasols and cloth umbrellas are readily available, but if you desire, you can add your own personal designer touch and create a one-of-a-kind look.


1 Clean off any dirt and debris. Wipe with a clean cotton cloth.

2 Stencil the desired design onto the umbrella. Place the gift umbrella supplier in the open position so the material is tight. Use a fabric pencil to trace the stencil onto the umbrella.

3 Paint the pencil design with fabric paint. If using multiple colors, paint one color and allow to dry prior to applying a second color. This will help prevent mixing or blending of the paint. Allow the finished design to dry for at least 24 hours.

4 Spray the sun umbrella mingzi with a fabric protector. This will protect the paint from chipping and fading if it gets wet.

Tips & Warnings

Fabric paint adheres to cotton fabric without a primer. If the umbrella is nylon, a primer is needed. Consult with a fabric professional for the right primer to use.

Fabric paint may not cover all types of stains. Begin the project with a new umbrella or one without water, food or soil stains.

About Cotton Fabric


Cotton fabric has been used for clothing as far back as 3000 B.C. It remains a popular China embroidery lace fabric today because it can be made into different weights and types of fabric: batiste, jersey, flannel, terry, corduroy, twill, denim and duck.


The processing of pure silk nightcloth factory was streamlined in 1793 with Eli Whitney’s cotton gin. This machine separates the cotton from the seed. In 1884, the power loom improved the manufacture of cotton fabric.


The cotton plant thrives in warm climates such as those in the southern United States, China, India, Brazil and Egypt.


Cotton grows in a round boll around the seeds of the cotton plant. The plant is thorny, which made picking painful for the picker until machines for this were developed in the 1930s.


Cotton is graded on three things: color or degree of whiteness, amount of foreign or plant matter in the Hangzhou wellbon curtain, and preparation of the fiber done by the gin.

Expert Insight

Staple is the length of the fiber in cottom. Egyptian cotton is known for its long staple and is used for finer types of fabrics. Extra-long staple cotton is also used for thread.

Make Cloth Gift Bags


According to Robert Lilienfeld and Dr. William Rathje, authors of “Use Less Stuff: Environmental Solutions for Who We Really Are,” Americans produce an extra one million tons of trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Much of that is wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, and cardboard. Switching to reusable cloth bags instead of professional satin gift pouch can put a big dent in all that waste, preserving trees for better uses, such as preventing soil erosion, serving as wind breaks, and providing needed oxygen to the atmosphere. Make a commitment to have a “green” Christmas this year and to have all birthday, anniversary and wedding gifts wrapped in cloth gift bags.


1 Thread sewing machine. Be sure to use cotton thread with cotton or natural fiber cloth and synthetic thread with synthetic or polyester cloth. Decide what size gift bag you wish to make. Most nonwoven bag factory will fit in a bag that is 12 inches wide by 18 inches tall or smaller.

2 Cut a piece of fabric twice the desired width of your bag, plus one inch more than the desired height. If you want a bag that is 15 inches wide by 15 inches high, you will need a piece of fabric 16 inches by 30 inches.

3 Fold fabric down one inch along the top edge of the long side. Press with a steam iron to make a casing. Stitch fabric with sewing machine, 3/4 inches from the folded edge using a straight seam. Back stitch once or twice at the end of the seam to ensure it will not unravel.

4 Fold fabric in half with the good side facing inward. The unfinished bag should now be 15 inches by 15 inches. Stitch a double seam, 1/4 inch apart, along the bottom, with the lowest seam 1/4 inch from the bottom edge and the upper seam 1/2 inch from the bottom edge. Repeat double seam up the side, stopping when you reach the casing.

5 Thread the satin ribbon through the casing. Fill the China silk gift pouch with gifts, pull cord tight, and tie it in a large bow.

Learn to Sew Gift Pouch


Every year, almost 4 million tons of trash wrapping paper and shopping bags create 4 million tons of trash, according to Earth911.com. Just as you can use reusable shopping bags to reduce waste, you can also sew your own gift pouch. Beyond being environmentally-friendly, sewn gift pouch stand out from the crowd. Cotton solids and prints work well for PVC gift pouch, but you can also experiment with other types of fabrics. Look for a ribbon that compliments the fabric.


1 Mark off a rectangle, 18 inches by 15 inches. Cut out the rectangle.

2 Fold one 15-inch edge down three inches and pin. Sew close to the fabric edge and remove the pins.

3 Fold the ribbon in half and pin it on the right side of the fabric so that it runs parallel to the line of stitching you made in Step 2. The fold of the ribbon should be along the raw edge of the fabric.

4 Fold the canvas bag in half lengthwise with the right sides facing together and pin. Keep the ribbon sandwiched between the right sides of the fabric. In Step 5, you will sew over the ribbon to secure it in place.

5 Sew a plain half-inch seam from the top of the folded edge down and across the bottom. A plain seam is stitching that joins two pieces of fabric. The half-inch refers to the seam allowance, which is the space between the stitching and the raw edge of the two pieces of fabric. Remove the pins once you have finished the seam.

6 Adjust the bag so that the side seam and the bottom seam are on top of one another and form a point. Sew a straight line about an inch away from the tip of the point. This will square off the bottom of the bag.

7 Turn the bag so that the right side of the fabric is outside, add a gift and tie the beautiful rayon tassel in a bow to close the bag.

Themes & Ideas About Gift Bag


The gift bag for your special occasion should stand out from the crowd. Theme your bag to the event for a personal touch. Pick a container that reminds the attendee of your graduation, baby shower, garden party, or beach wedding. Fill it with items that will be useful but also reminiscent of the occasion.

Outdoor Theme

Wrap a beach towel into package form or choose a colorful pail. Fill it with sunscreen, aloe, wet wipes, lip balm and a sun visor for a beach Velvet Gift Pouch Supplier. Choose a backpack as a gift bag and insert some snacks, a blanket, bottle of wine and a flashlight. Add a book and disposal camera.

Out-Of-Town Theme

Gift out-of-towners with a canvas tote filled with a map, a list of local attractions, a three-day metro pass and museum tickets. Use a cooler as a gift bag and fill with water, snacks, list of restaurants and lunch gift certificates. Add a small first aid kit and travel-size sewing kit to both.

Wedding Theme

Theme these Dragon Non Woven Shopping Bags to the wedding decorations and colors. Give bridesmaids a small purse as a gift bag. Include photos leading up to the wedding inside, along with a nice pair of earrings, a gift certificate and a thank-you note. Gift groomsmen with a writing bag filled with sport tickets and a thank-you note. For wedding guests, frame a picture of the happy couple and add a disposal camera to their gift bag.

Miscellaneous Theme

For garden parties, choose a watering can for the gift bag and insert garden supplies. For New Year’s Eve or anniversary China Cotton Braided Tape, use a silver bucket and include a bottle of wine with two wine glasses. For a tea party, fill a tea pot with different types of tea for a gift basket. Prepare an ice cream sundae gift bag, including bowls, scoop, spoons, sprinkles and hot fudge sauce.

10 stylish short hair


Short hair style most suitable for mature women to show intellectual temperament, Japanese hair styling based on the original by adding more elements of sweet, in spring and summer, both with large printing concise plain dress or wear, can present a unique women charm. Consider the following 14 short hair it is definitely a cool summer fashion you.
1 mixture of irregular short curly hair, looked lively and casual, natural sense of design for a playful girl bangs.
(2) a face-lift and slightly curled hair fashion, hair design is a lot of face was covered, creating the effect of little face, and fluffy hair sorted out the effect, revealing a sweet little woman’s temperament.
3 MM in fact sweet round face carved designs for short hair, long hair hot out of the volume, you can present a soft feel to.
4. Full air treatment for facial hair feeling soon become compact, so fluffy pieces of fringe, completely charming show you that the electric eye charm, popularity is enormous.
5. The shorter the hair the more requirements a small face, With lace fabric. Hair and the same value, so do not think the short hair on a care Oh, relax.
6 unilateral oblique Liu, reflecting the charm of mature OL, symmetrical perm shoot another level of volume addition of a trace of youthful atmosphere.
7 by broken hair perm to emphasize the short end of the beam clearly defined sense of feminine style with short curly hair immediately.
8. BOB head long into the improved version, the original short BOB Sassoon style is no longer popular, based on the original, hot starting volume, slightly modified version of BOB fluffy head is the season’s most IN!
9. A lot of short hair are popular is no level of hair, give hair a little to hot roll design level, it makes out the effect of a new front.
10. Short hair on both sides of the hair from the ear position hot roll, roll in the direction towards the face adduction.

HelloKitty Villa


Temperature rise little by little, indicating that spring has quietly come. Just spent the long winter ice and snow, you have begun to plan the renovation plans for the spring out? Maybe you just bought a new house ready for full renovation, maybe you want a more stylish and practical renovation, bathroom cabinet Xiaobian for you to collect vast amounts of information about home decoration ornaments, I believe that love can help you create a more comfortable home.
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