Luna ‘s love


Luna, male, Zhang Guofeng, called the madonna. Is my colleague, love of nature, is a bachelor,

Madonna is a very old people, living alone, every weekend morning will go to West Lake to shoot some beautiful natural photos, he shared photos in addition to let a person feel very breath of life in plants, may be the lovely animals, there have not been handsome boy beautiful. This is our Madonna funny cute prudent silence

To share with you pictures of  Na’s sister

Canna Lily alias: blue banana, Canna, perennial herbs in the legislation, 1-2 meters high, plants glabrous, with stout rhizomes, as Jiang Mu, canna. Flowering: summer, autumn, flower: a solid future, color: white, red, yellow, variegated. A native of India, now around the north and South China are often cultivated Canna varieties, to early nineteenth Century nearly 1000 varieties. Common varieties are: Canna generalis,

Canna close-up high-definition Atlas ( 19 ) aka law Canna Canna, is improved, reaching a height of 1.5 meters, the stem is white Ye Jun, Ye Da, broadly elliptic, 40 cm long, 20 cm in width total peduncular long, flowers large, rich colors, calyx, petal is white, disc petals erect not bending. Canna generalis: Canna generalis ( C.warscewiczii ) about 1 m in height, stem and Ye Junzi brown, brown sepals and petals are involucre, purplish red, disc valve deep purple red, bright red lips. Canna indica fruit is slightly knobby capsule with tubercles, seed, black, hard. Double color Mandarin Canna: from South America, is now a rarity in the genus Canna, because in the same flower tibial opened five-star red and bright yellow two color flower named after.

Canna lily is fond of warmth and sunlight, not cold-resistant. Requirement soil deep, fertile, loose soil, good drainage of potted requirements. The growing season often fertilization. The north in the frost before the underground tubers digging, stored at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius in the environment. Because of its large flowers and bright colors, rich colors, line shape, cultivation easy. Cultivation of the optimum temperature of 13 to 17 DEG c.. Lax to edaphic requirement, in loose and fecund, good drainage grows best in sandy loam soil, also adapted to the fertile clay soil growth. In the wind in winter at the south of the Yangtze river. Division breeding or planting and breeding. Ramets propagation in 4-5 months eye begins when the rhizome, each with 2-3 buds into a cutting plant. Like sunshine, warm, moist. Throughout the country to. But not frost Hardy, flowers and leaves wither. Canna is a perennial herbaceous plant, thick, fleshy roots lying in the underground. Likes the warm and humid, not cold-resistant, avoid dry. In warm regions without a dormancy period, annual growth, in 22 ~ 25 degrees Celsius temperature growth the most appropriate; 5 ~ 10 C will stop growing, lower than 0 DEG C when there will be damage. The general south of the Yangtze River Basin, in the little cover can be safely overwintering; Yangtze River to the north, Ye Jingshuang winter stems will wither, so frost before and after, should be cut off the ground stems and leaves, rise of roots, dry for 2 ~ 3 days, removing surface moisture, tile in the interior, covering the river sand or mud, maintain above 8 DEG C. at room temperature, the spring planted after the last frost; also available in February after germination segmentation transplanting. Canna generalis for moist-hi, avoid is dry, in the hot summer, as by sun Zhishai, or dry hot wind blowing, there will be Ye Yuan scorch; had watered cool also will appear the same phenomenon



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