Luna ‘s love of Xixi National Wetland Park


Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park covers an area of about 10.08 square kilometers, the open area 3.46 square kilometers. Central Park Trail Tours of about 8 kilometers long, walking in a circle needs above 3.5 hours. Xixi National Wetland Park is located in the western city of Hangzhou, less than 5 kilometers away from West Lake, is the rare urban secondary wetlands. Here the ecological resources are rich, pristine natural landscape, rich cultural accumulation, with West Lake, saying Hangzhou” 3 on the west”, is currently the first and only set the city wetlands, agricultural wetlands, and cultural integration of wetlands in the National Wetland park.

Xixi is known as the ” kidney of Hangzhou”. Xixi National Wetland Park East Zijingang Road on the west side, West to the Ring Road East, south along the river, north to the two road extension, a total area of about 10.08 square kilometers. Now open to tourists of the protection project of about 3.46 square kilometers, including ecological protection area of 1.71 square kilometers, ecological restoration area of 1.54 square kilometers, the protection of historical relics of 0.074 square kilometers, service

The landscape in XiXi Wetland ( 4 pieces)

Facility area 0.136 square kilometer [1 ].

Xixi wins, only in water. Water is the soul of Xixi, park about 70% of the area is a port, pond, Lake Yang, marshes and other waters, the so-called” a stream of a smoke”, the entire park six rivers confluence, during which the distribution of many arm and scaly fish ponds, Xixi formed a unique wetland landscape.

Heavy Xixi, focusing on the ecological. To enhance ecological protection, in wetland areas set up fee home sugar, shrimp Longtan, overturned the ripples Twilight three ecological protection areas and ecological restoration area. Located at the entrance of wetland science exhibition hall, the park has three biological repair pool and a wetland ecological viewing area. Xixi is a paradise for birds, the park is equipped with a plurality of bird watching Pavilion, visitors show birds fly the magnificent landscape.

Xixi National Wetland Park ( Book 2) (17 copies )

Xixi culture, has a long history. Xixi is the ancient recluse scholar, be regarded as a pure land, land of idyllic beauty. Autumn snow um, um, Mei Zhu Villa Park, Xixi cottage in history have many literati created other industry, they left a large number of poems and prose in Xixi. Deep tan mouth under the century-old camphor trees of ancient stage, allegedly or opera debut in the northern school artists.

Xixi customs, pure and honest and simple. Every Dragon Boat Festival in deep tan mouth hold dragon boat will win, has a long history, unique form, known as the” patterns of dragon boat”. His fishing village near the ” Xixi people”,” mulberry, silkworm, silk, silk story” to reproduce the original inhabitants of Xixi farm life labor scene, let more people know and understand water typical folk.

Wetland has self-restraint source of water, water purification, flood storage, beautify the environment, climate regulation, ecological function. XiXi Wetland reed Bai Shihong, Sang Qing grass, bamboo Chui Mei Yan Xiang, spoonbill dancing frogs, fish, cold, wild, light, elegant, both into the nature. XiXi Wetland is located in the northern subtropical monsoon climate zone, four seasons, illumination is enough, rainfall is abundant, rich animal and plant resources. There is poetry Chan said:” 1000 ares in the ten continents, Creek

Xixi National Wetland Park

Xixi National Wetland Park

A more suitable habitat to the month of autumn … … Yellow purple orange persimmon caltrop, do not envy the human high position”, is the XiXi Wetland is described the harmonious coexistence between man and nature wonderful beauty. Xixi is the ancient recluse scholars, is regarded as a pure land, land of idyllic beauty. The emperor will fall in love song Gao Qing Dynasty: Zhao Gou, Kangxi and Qianlong had travelled to Xixi and leave; men of literature and writing love: Su Dongpo, Mi Fei, Tang Bohu, Feng Mengzhen, Hong Sheng, Li E, Yu Dafu, Xu Zhimo, Bu Zhu, poetry and singing live, leaving a large number of poems and prose and verse. After the experts, Shi Naian to Xixi as the original wrote the famous” Water Margin”; Xixi opera debut in the northern school artists, opera in XiXi Wetland of the Proterozoic Chen Wan house from rap to landing stage art, became the folk drama to the turning point. Inheritance on the Millennium Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Festival in Jiang Cun, more famous, renowned at home and abroad.

XiXi Wetland after the Han and Jin, Tang and Song Dynasties, the Ming and Qing Dynasties beginning development of golden, the decline of four stages of evolution, at up to

Xixi National Wetland Park

Xixi National Wetland Park

1800 years of human intervention and natural evolution of XiXi Wetland, from the original the original ecological wetland evolution for ecological wetland. Until modern, human activities aggravated, XiXi Wetland natural ecology, cultural ecology has been greatly damaged, although the charm of surviving, but already scene no longer. In order to better protect the ” kidney of Hangzhou,” 2003 August, XiXi Wetland comprehensive protection project is started formally. Works with the” ecological priority, minimal intervention, repair old as the old, pay attention to the culture, people-oriented, sustainable development” principle, through farming house relocation, river dredging, vegetable cropping, ecological slope, renovations, and other measures, to XiXi Wetland, landscape water, animal and plant resources, folk customs, history and culture for scientific protection and restoration, which makes Hangzhou unique wetland ecological brand, improve the ecological environment quality in Hangzhou, and the international tourism city grade.


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