Smart baby


It’s no secret that Rachel Zoe is one of the most influential names in the fashion industry. But as it turns out, this stylist to the stars doesn’t just eat, drink, and breathe fashion… she spawns it too! The uber-successful, ridiculously over-worked fashionista’s most recent project was giving birth to son Skyler, who at four months old already rocks a wardrobe that has all the other kiddies in the nursery drooling. Well … more than usual.
On Wednesday, Mama Zoe gave ABC’s Nightline correspondent Juju Chang a tour of the palatial walk-in baby closet that plays host to an estimated $78,000 clothing collection! We imagine that the first word Skyler thought of when trying on his $1,160 Gucci bomber jacket or sporting one of his three Missoni sweaters, which were gifts from the Missonis themselves, was “bananas!” It’s okay, baby, we’d probably gurgle with joy, too.
With any luck, Skyler will be a late bloomer — or at least, we hope he won’t grow too big, too quickly. It would be a crying shame if all the high-end shoes in his collection (roughly worth $3,700) were destined to be worn only once. Baby footwear does have its advantages, though: considering the fact that Skyler can’t actually walk, his shoes never have to touch the ground. Those loafers will forever remain pristine and unscuffed!
Of course, we would expect nothing less from an infant that nestles against a $1,400 Hermes blanket in his $914 crib, propped against two matching Hermes pillows, which sell for $522 each. Skyler cares about more than just appearances and fashion, though. Always the responsible four-month-old, he guards his financial assets in a $1,135 silver piggy bank.
So what’s the grand total of his nursery? That would be $87,000. Is that a teensy bit ridiculous? We think so! But then, maybe we’re just jealous those clothes don’t all come in our size.


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