Chinese Valentine’s Day


The seventh lunar month every year is the traditional Chinese festival —-” Tanabata Festival “, folk known as” Qi Qiao Day. ” As the story of Cowherd and Weaver sense of heaven and earth, even to this day as a modern “Chinese couple Festival.”

Tanabata July Qi, Cowherd and Weaver Girl is legendary Magpie Bridge crossing the Milky Way from the day of meet


. People’s minds Weaver is a hard-working good, the ingenuity of the angel, so July Qi that night, young girls and young women come out to line the ritual worship, and to Weaver Qi Qiao, wish I could be the same as a double smart Weaver hand, there are pieces of intelligent heart, will lead a happy life.

Tanabata festival with something as close to women, known as “Daughter’s Day” is a traditional Chinese festival of the Women’s Day.

Tanabata festival custom of eating sweets clever. Qiao eat the contents of a variety of fruits and pasta, local customs vary. Made after a variety of clever food must display to the courtyard of the Jian on the sky as if to ask Weaver to judge. Then we watch the distant side of the night sky, while on eating a variety of clever food, believing it will make people become smart.

Han Dynasty, the folk began to Weaver Qi Qiao up. Not only pray for ingenuity, but also pray for wealth, early marriage and a happy sweet a son.

Song Dynasty poet Qin Guan’s “Magpie Fairies” is a singing of love eternal farewell: “Fiber Cloud get clever, meteor mass hate, silverside span of darkness. Jinfeng Yu Lu a meet, they won numerous world. Rouqingsishui , wedding day a dream, forbearance care Magpie Bridge return. a long long time if the two conditions, a blessing in the day and night. ”

In the “first batch of national intangible cultural heritage”, the Tanabata and the Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Ninth listed as China’s “big six” traditional festivals.


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