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Humans and cute dogs


1: Samoyed

Samoyed in Siberia, animal husbandry, Satsuma man named nation has always been used to pull sleds and guard the reindeer. Samoyed to have patience with a robust physique and famous. European explorers to use this dog in polar exploration work. This dog coat many, generally black, black white, black and brown, and ultimately to the dominant white coat varieties.

2: Dog and human civilization

The earliest domesticated animals as human beings, dogs are associated with the existence and evolution of human civilization are inextricably linked. For it, people not only with beautiful works of art to be praise, but also view them as the most faithful guardian of the zodiac is an important one. Dog in the eyes of the Chinese people always have a high status. This is evident from archaeological finds unearthed in China’s growing can be seen. In October 2002, archaeologists discovered in Luoyang city center shocked the world of the Zhou driving six East chariot pits. It solved since the Han Dynasty discovered on the Shang and Zhou, “the emperor riding six horses” or “Son of Heaven driving” argument, indicating that at least in the Eastern Zhou period, “the emperor riding six horses” is there. However, Guoxuan pit most striking of which seven sacrificial victims of the sad story of hunting dogs.

Let us return to the Eastern Zhou period, when the nobles like the carriages drove to the hunting, dogs are essential partners. The chariot pit owner is the Eastern Zhou Dynasty emperor in a 25, his lifetime passion for hunting to play. Uncovered it was found that the chariot pits in seven dogs, including six in the north of the carriage wheels. Experts analyzed, these dogs are strapped in the car buried alive. Filling, the terrified little dog hiding in the wheel after another, the result when the car after the pocket collapsed, and that six dogs have also been crushed in a car pocket. Only a very peculiar position of the dog, which appeared in Ma Hang halfway, with it is a pebble. In other words, this dog was outside the pit to break a rope climb, one step at a distance of escape when he was found, and a pebble hit on the head, cut off the dog’s escape, but also the end of it life.

This has earned pet lovers sad watching the scene, like spilled my heart with mixed. Although it is not pet the dogs, but owners of hunting dogs, along with the owner of the car was before the horse, all-powerful, won in hunting, no credit has elbow grease, how to eventually become the sacrificial lambs? Perhaps the people at that time, let the beloved dogs for their sacrificial victims, is the highest honor to a dog.

loveperro Dogs were domesticated’s about a million years ago, the Neolithic period. Cultural sites in Xi’an Banpo ancestors living area, a large number of dogs have found exhumation. In addition, Gansu Qin’an Dadiwan Neolithic site excavated pottery pot, and also found the four dogs of the image, but are depicted vivid and lovely. Which shows that, when the relationship between man and dog is quite clear, the dog has become a close partner of mankind.