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Lavender town China – Xinjiang Yili


Lavender, Provence from France came to the Ili vanilla wizard, in this land has been reproduced over 40 years to take root.

In 1964, when the three varieties of lavender from the Beijing Botanical Garden, introduced to the Ili River Valley, the State Ministry of Light Industry is also the same time the county in Henan, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Xi’an, Kunming and at the same time try to grow.

But in the end of the three parts of the lavender plant have failed, and only in the Ili lavender roots.

Today, China has become the only Ili lavender planting areas, planting 20,000 acres of area, production accounted for 95% of the country.

Yili is and Provence, France, Hokkaido, Japan, Russia, the Caucasus alongside one of the world’s four lavender origin.

Ili River Valley, 65 group four divisions of agricultural field by the state named “hometown of Chinese Lavender,” in addition to lavender, it was still kind of pepper mint, Roman Chamomile, Xinjiang safflower, an important producer of grass fungus.

Ili this land is vast and rich inclusive, and as such, lavender can experience the “Cultural Revolution” the tumultuous years in this remote western roots settled on the land.

Travel the road from Yining City, full of car passengers have been bumps along the road of Lawton was tired, sleepy in the afternoon heat in.

Sudden burst of rich aroma blowing from the car window, the road on both sides of the farm fields, a piece of brilliant purple flowers has been extended to look at the end.

With my colleagues told me this car is lavender, Yili Agricultural Corps field planting a few herbs with this plant.

I always have a very mysterious lavender feel like it’s legend.

In ancient Rome and Europe, lavender represents love. Legend of Provence village has a girl picking flowers in the mountains alone, met a traveler from afar injured. Girl despite family opposition, he has to take care of the wound healing, and love like flowers filled the hearts of the same in both.

Village woman to woman a bouquet of lavender, lavender to her with this beam to test the youth’s heart.

When the girls will be hidden in the body of the young people who throw lavender, he disappeared into a burst of purple smoke, and soon girls are also omitted. It is said that she was the smell of lavender Looking back to find a young man.

Its special aroma that can make people feel calm and peaceful, clean body and mind, was very fond of the Roman nobility aromatic.

Roman nobility, friends and family will make it into a sachet gift; infiltration in the East China tea culture, people will soak with lavender flowers and honey become a delicious fragrance of the tea.

Latitude and climatic conditions because of the similarity of the soil seems to be very suitable for the Ili this vanilla plant lavender plant.

Here, with the mountains and plains that are driving the French Provence lavender blue-purple flowers of different scenarios, Tanabe, to corner, any place where people can feel the need to grow.

Tanaka acres on the bar, as long as there is a small piece of land for planting the lavender in bloom, where you can smell through a thick flowers filled the air.