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Cute rabbit


Rabbit Rabbit is a rabbit-shaped head animal subjects, a total of 9 genera and 43 species, commonly known as rabbit.
With tubular long ears (ear grew up in the multiples of the ear width); clustered short-tailed, longer and more robust than the forelimbs hind legs. Distributed in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Terrestrial, found in the desert, desertification, grasslands, tropical woodland, dry grassland and forest. Section 9 of the rabbit is a rabbit is a species only live life on the ground, good run, after the nostril wide, running at full oxygen; newborn rabbits who have hair, eyes, ears are hearing, will soon be running, commonly known as rabbit class . The remaining eight points are are like rabbits, hind legs not too long, burrowing; hole rabbits rabbits at birth did not have any hair, eyes closed, ears without hearing, seven days after the long-haired, with eyes open hearing, the need maternal care. Rabbits and hares, and there is no physical difference in the structure, the main difference is that when the nascent state. Which is the rabbit hole rabbit hole into a domesticated rabbit. Currently the world’s rabbit species are numerous, but they are rabbit hole from the Mediterranean region (RGB LED light) domesticated made​​. Rabbits can live in groups, but rabbits generally live alone. China is only 9 types of rabbits, in which grass rabbit min Buu, Asia, Africa and three continents, in addition to South China and the Tibetan Plateau, the widely distributed; Snowshoe winter white wool, located in China’s Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang, north; Plateau rabbit distributed in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau; rabbit distribution in South China South China and Taiwan, neighboring North Korea also has distribution; Northeast Mountains and a small rabbit in the Chinese distribution of Changbai Mountain area, located in Xinjiang’s Tarim rabbit Tarim Basin Tarim basin edge and Wada, Yecheng, Sha car, Bachu, Karamay. Rabbit mild, timid, and often dare to come out to feed at night. Rabbit’s ability to reproduce strong, female rabbits grow up to 8 months old can be a raw rabbit. 30 days of pregnancy can produce rabbit 3-10. Produced several times a year. Therefore, they are not only an important food source for other predators, but also people like hunting animals. Economic value is very large rabbit, both delicious meat sources, but also provide high-quality fur, medical and other scientific or experimental