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Lovely cat


There are half a day in the state of the cat to sleep in 14-15 hours a day spent in sleep,
There’s a cat, to sleep more than 20 hours, so the cat is called “Lan Mao.” However, you must carefully observe the way a cat to sleep will find, as long as a little sound, the cat’s ears will move, someone approached, they would Teng suddenly up. Originally cats are hunting animals, in order to keenly feel the outside of all movement, it is not quite dead sleep, it should not be called “lazy.” But from the cat and human sleep used to spent more dead.
2 wayward
The cat looks a little wayward, its own way. Originally Cats are like animals, acting alone, unlike the dog, follow the master’s command, collective action. Thus it is not the owner as a monarch, obey. Sometimes, how do you call it, it is when not to hear. Cat and the owner is not the master-slave relationship, the relationship between them as equal friends better. It is this relationship, it seems charming. The other cat to the owner as their parents, like a child love like a baby, it felt lonely climb when the owner of the knee, or jump to anywhere sitting on newspapers spread out, filling Jiaotai.
3. Love the clean
Frequent cleaning of their own hair. Kitten in many cases, love to lick himself, self-cleaning. Cats will be wiped after a meal with forepaws beard, tongue licking the anus after urinating, after holding his tongue was licking hair. This is a cat in the removal of body odor and dirt it. There are many cat’s tongue rough small protrusions, which is most appropriate to remove the dirty tools. After the master stroke in the cat, the cat was rubbing licking their place: the cat in the memory of people’s taste, because it fears that after the separation with the owner can not find the owner. Many people mistakenly think that this is a cat despise their own dirty.
Cat comrades attention, some cats licking hair off the hair easier to eat, when there is some time that in the cat’s body hair will gather inside the more the more they will spit it out, but it is also good, maybe you never seen them spit it out, because they like dodging the spit, and if it’s time to spit, no hair, then, may be a problem, then we should pay more