China Commodity Trading


Taobao goods in recent years the number has increased significantly, from Dirt Bike, computers to clothing, household items, assortment, in addition to set up a network game equipment trading, virtual currency trading range and so on.

October 18, 2009, Taobao announced the first launch of 3 Taobao customized mobile phones. These three phones are the company’s cooperation with the Legend Lenovo i61 mobile phone models, “Ling Su”, and China Telecom Hisense E6 model mobile phone “situation”, in cooperation with TCL Alcatel OT808 mobile phone models. “Unparalleled.”

Special Services

The difference is that with eBay, membership in the transaction process feel lively family-style culture. One example is the member of timely communication tool – Ali Want. Join Taobao and Live Messenger after a member of famous general, if you enter a shop, just the owner but also online, then the icon will appear online dispensers, timely manner with the owner can send and receive information. Live Messenger has a viewing transaction history, to understand each other’s credit, personal information, avatars, multi-chat and other general chat tool with features.

Security system

Taobao also focus on safety integrity of the building, the introduction of real-name authentication system, and to distinguish between individual users and business user authentication, two-factor authentication is not required to submit information as individual users only need to provide proof of identity authentication, businesses need to provide certification business license, a person can not apply for two types of authentication. This can be seen in standard business terms Taobao efforts.

Taobao also introduced a credit evaluation system, Click to view the seller can get past the credit evaluation.

For buyers and sellers to pay part of the security of transactions, Taobao(B2B), Alipay launched a payment guarantee delivery method is called, in order to reduce transaction risk. Alipay especially for computers, mobile phones, jewelry and other higher priced items, or all hope of security transactions more secure transactions. Taobao is free to use Alipay. When users pay for goods with money, when, through the bank interface, Taobao’s payment, users do not pay exchange fees.


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