Themes & Ideas About Gift Bag


The gift bag for your special occasion should stand out from the crowd. Theme your bag to the event for a personal touch. Pick a container that reminds the attendee of your graduation, baby shower, garden party, or beach wedding. Fill it with items that will be useful but also reminiscent of the occasion.

Outdoor Theme

Wrap a beach towel into package form or choose a colorful pail. Fill it with sunscreen, aloe, wet wipes, lip balm and a sun visor for a beach Velvet Gift Pouch Supplier. Choose a backpack as a gift bag and insert some snacks, a blanket, bottle of wine and a flashlight. Add a book and disposal camera.

Out-Of-Town Theme

Gift out-of-towners with a canvas tote filled with a map, a list of local attractions, a three-day metro pass and museum tickets. Use a cooler as a gift bag and fill with water, snacks, list of restaurants and lunch gift certificates. Add a small first aid kit and travel-size sewing kit to both.

Wedding Theme

Theme these Dragon Non Woven Shopping Bags to the wedding decorations and colors. Give bridesmaids a small purse as a gift bag. Include photos leading up to the wedding inside, along with a nice pair of earrings, a gift certificate and a thank-you note. Gift groomsmen with a writing bag filled with sport tickets and a thank-you note. For wedding guests, frame a picture of the happy couple and add a disposal camera to their gift bag.

Miscellaneous Theme

For garden parties, choose a watering can for the gift bag and insert garden supplies. For New Year’s Eve or anniversary China Cotton Braided Tape, use a silver bucket and include a bottle of wine with two wine glasses. For a tea party, fill a tea pot with different types of tea for a gift basket. Prepare an ice cream sundae gift bag, including bowls, scoop, spoons, sprinkles and hot fudge sauce.


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