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10 stylish short hair


Short hair style most suitable for mature women to show intellectual temperament, Japanese hair styling based on the original by adding more elements of sweet, in spring and summer, both with large printing concise plain dress or wear, can present a unique women charm. Consider the following 14 short hair it is definitely a cool summer fashion you.
1 mixture of irregular short curly hair, looked lively and casual, natural sense of design for a playful girl bangs.
(2) a face-lift and slightly curled hair fashion, hair design is a lot of face was covered, creating the effect of little face, and fluffy hair sorted out the effect, revealing a sweet little woman’s temperament.
3 MM in fact sweet round face carved designs for short hair, long hair hot out of the volume, you can present a soft feel to.
4. Full air treatment for facial hair feeling soon become compact, so fluffy pieces of fringe, completely charming show you that the electric eye charm, popularity is enormous.
5. The shorter the hair the more requirements a small face, With lace fabric. Hair and the same value, so do not think the short hair on a care Oh, relax.
6 unilateral oblique Liu, reflecting the charm of mature OL, symmetrical perm shoot another level of volume addition of a trace of youthful atmosphere.
7 by broken hair perm to emphasize the short end of the beam clearly defined sense of feminine style with short curly hair immediately.
8. BOB head long into the improved version, the original short BOB Sassoon style is no longer popular, based on the original, hot starting volume, slightly modified version of BOB fluffy head is the season’s most IN!
9. A lot of short hair are popular is no level of hair, give hair a little to hot roll design level, it makes out the effect of a new front.
10. Short hair on both sides of the hair from the ear position hot roll, roll in the direction towards the face adduction.


Cute kitty


At first glance not willing to eat, ha ha, this is our lovely kitty, kitty off by people of all ages like children if you do not like to eat some of the things that made ​​the shape they like they will eat of it may
Kitty cat became well-known Sanrio rarely deliberately spend advertising, instead of using the full range of marketing concepts, Hello Kitty is printed on every product you can imagine, small stickers, pens, notebooks, street bike, toys, watches, cups, plates, chopsticks, mobile phones, toasters, trash, ranging from computer, running machines, cars, and even allows people to place in them the adventure theme park! And occasional use of a limited collection of goods to stimulate behavior and repeat purchase rate.
Hello Kitty’s success but also her business partner brought a huge commercial interests. Sanrio more than 500 companies from Japan and overseas, hundreds of companies were authorized.
Today, the unique image of Hello Kitty has appeared in about 2.2 million different products, selling more than 40 countries. In 2004, McDonald’s officially in the restaurant introduced a mini Hello Kitty ornaments, different color with a lovely shape, and immediately won consumer recognition. In Taiwan, the McDonald’s launched Mini Kitty is sought, whether the other party to buy a Hello Kitty became a couple who found each other even if love their logo. Singapore’s McDonald’s customers queuing up to buy Kitty and her boyfriend Dear Daniel as the theme of children’s Happy meal, or even a riot.
Series of effective marketing strategies, the commercial value that Kitty cat given full play. It is reported that, Kitty Cat Sanrio year for copyright holders to create $ 500 million in company profits, but also its image in order to obtain authorization to use the company to earn billions of dollars in revenue. It is said that Microsoft had envisaged U.S. $ 5.6 billion offer to buy Hello Kitty’s copyright. Even her influence overflow of commercial areas – the Taiwan authorities recognize the political saliva event, the murder of Kitty in Hong Kong, the global cultural movement … until someone took her as the themes. “She is like my lucky break,” just as popular in Hollywood Scarlett Johnson King said, only innocent round face of the cat in the achievement of the dream of countless people and also had their own animation business empire.
Originally only appeared on the cheap plastic wallet unknown cat pattern, now transformed into the world make full bowl full of lovely dish idol. And do not forget, with the Viking “A Dream” and Garfield different, kitty cat is just a commodity, does not support any movie or comic. Only the market value of the world’s most the world’s most famous cat with a dog – SNOOPY (Snoopy), the world’s most popular a bear — Winnie Pooh (Winnie the Pooh) and other cartoon characters, like , because of enduring ability to create not only attract children, but also captured the hearts and minds of women around the world products.
30 years, this cat does not continue smiling mouth, so that more kids like it, many children also become the most loyal playmates. When the girl grew up to become a generation after his mother, and her daughter would still the same, like a cat.

Lavender town China – Xinjiang Yili


Lavender, Provence from France came to the Ili vanilla wizard, in this land has been reproduced over 40 years to take root.

In 1964, when the three varieties of lavender from the Beijing Botanical Garden, introduced to the Ili River Valley, the State Ministry of Light Industry is also the same time the county in Henan, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Xi’an, Kunming and at the same time try to grow.

But in the end of the three parts of the lavender plant have failed, and only in the Ili lavender roots.

Today, China has become the only Ili lavender planting areas, planting 20,000 acres of area, production accounted for 95% of the country.

Yili is and Provence, France, Hokkaido, Japan, Russia, the Caucasus alongside one of the world’s four lavender origin.

Ili River Valley, 65 group four divisions of agricultural field by the state named “hometown of Chinese Lavender,” in addition to lavender, it was still kind of pepper mint, Roman Chamomile, Xinjiang safflower, an important producer of grass fungus.

Ili this land is vast and rich inclusive, and as such, lavender can experience the “Cultural Revolution” the tumultuous years in this remote western roots settled on the land.

Travel the road from Yining City, full of car passengers have been bumps along the road of Lawton was tired, sleepy in the afternoon heat in.

Sudden burst of rich aroma blowing from the car window, the road on both sides of the farm fields, a piece of brilliant purple flowers has been extended to look at the end.

With my colleagues told me this car is lavender, Yili Agricultural Corps field planting a few herbs with this plant.

I always have a very mysterious lavender feel like it’s legend.

In ancient Rome and Europe, lavender represents love. Legend of Provence village has a girl picking flowers in the mountains alone, met a traveler from afar injured. Girl despite family opposition, he has to take care of the wound healing, and love like flowers filled the hearts of the same in both.

Village woman to woman a bouquet of lavender, lavender to her with this beam to test the youth’s heart.

When the girls will be hidden in the body of the young people who throw lavender, he disappeared into a burst of purple smoke, and soon girls are also omitted. It is said that she was the smell of lavender Looking back to find a young man.

Its special aroma that can make people feel calm and peaceful, clean body and mind, was very fond of the Roman nobility aromatic.

Roman nobility, friends and family will make it into a sachet gift; infiltration in the East China tea culture, people will soak with lavender flowers and honey become a delicious fragrance of the tea.

Latitude and climatic conditions because of the similarity of the soil seems to be very suitable for the Ili this vanilla plant lavender plant.

Here, with the mountains and plains that are driving the French Provence lavender blue-purple flowers of different scenarios, Tanabe, to corner, any place where people can feel the need to grow.

Tanaka acres on the bar, as long as there is a small piece of land for planting the lavender in bloom, where you can smell through a thick flowers filled the air.

A person’s travel


Sports and super journey both have the potential to unite a common passion in people.

Dhani Jones, NFL player, host of Dhani Tackles the Globe, and author of The Sportsman: Unexpected Lessons from an Around-the-World Sports Odyssey, joins Peter to share how sports and travel have changed his life.

Peter Greenberg: I can go toe to toe with top defensive linebacker Dhani Jones any day. No, not on the football field, but in terms of our passports. I first discovered Dhani Jones on the NFL gridiron, but I then discovered a whole new side of him on the Travel Channel. Most people don’t realize your history, but you’ve been traveling since you were a baby, right?

Dhani Jones: When you have military parents, you automatically step into the world of travel. You are born into it depending upon where your parents are stationed and where you move to. We were located in Japan in Okinawa, so we moved all throughout Southeast Asia. And that translated into my love of travel. I went to school in Michigan and during breaks my mother would send me to different places.

Dhani Jones in Brazil

Dhani Jones in Brazil – photo via Travel Channel

She would give me open tickets, so I’d go to the Caribbean or to Europe. I didn’t necessarily have the same spring break opportunities as other people, so I had a different thought process. I thought, well, I’m not going to go to Cancun; I’m going to go to Martinique. I’m not going to go down to Miami; I’m going to go to London.

I wanted to different places because there are different things I wanted to experience. Peter, you know as well as I do, that when you travel and experience life outside of the United States and in new cultures, your whole life changes.

PG: What’s really cool about your travel experience, Dhani, is that you learned it from such an early age. You gained a degree of self-sufficiency when you travel that most American travelers don’t have.

DJ: You have to be able to You have to be able to know what you’re doing. You have to be able to acclimatize to different circumstances. You have to be able to deal with people. You have to be able to

Chinese Valentine’s Day


The seventh lunar month every year is the traditional Chinese festival —-” Tanabata Festival “, folk known as” Qi Qiao Day. ” As the story of Cowherd and Weaver sense of heaven and earth, even to this day as a modern “Chinese couple Festival.”

Tanabata July Qi, Cowherd and Weaver Girl is legendary Magpie Bridge crossing the Milky Way from the day of meet


. People’s minds Weaver is a hard-working good, the ingenuity of the angel, so July Qi that night, young girls and young women come out to line the ritual worship, and to Weaver Qi Qiao, wish I could be the same as a double smart Weaver hand, there are pieces of intelligent heart, will lead a happy life.

Tanabata festival with something as close to women, known as “Daughter’s Day” is a traditional Chinese festival of the Women’s Day.

Tanabata festival custom of eating sweets clever. Qiao eat the contents of a variety of fruits and pasta, local customs vary. Made after a variety of clever food must display to the courtyard of the Jian on the sky as if to ask Weaver to judge. Then we watch the distant side of the night sky, while on eating a variety of clever food, believing it will make people become smart.

Han Dynasty, the folk began to Weaver Qi Qiao up. Not only pray for ingenuity, but also pray for wealth, early marriage and a happy sweet a son.

Song Dynasty poet Qin Guan’s “Magpie Fairies” is a singing of love eternal farewell: “Fiber Cloud get clever, meteor mass hate, silverside span of darkness. Jinfeng Yu Lu a meet, they won numerous world. Rouqingsishui , wedding day a dream, forbearance care Magpie Bridge return. a long long time if the two conditions, a blessing in the day and night. ”

In the “first batch of national intangible cultural heritage”, the Tanabata and the Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Ninth listed as China’s “big six” traditional festivals.

Smart baby


It’s no secret that Rachel Zoe is one of the most influential names in the fashion industry. But as it turns out, this stylist to the stars doesn’t just eat, drink, and breathe fashion… she spawns it too! The uber-successful, ridiculously over-worked fashionista’s most recent project was giving birth to son Skyler, who at four months old already rocks a wardrobe that has all the other kiddies in the nursery drooling. Well … more than usual.
On Wednesday, Mama Zoe gave ABC’s Nightline correspondent Juju Chang a tour of the palatial walk-in baby closet that plays host to an estimated $78,000 clothing collection! We imagine that the first word Skyler thought of when trying on his $1,160 Gucci bomber jacket or sporting one of his three Missoni sweaters, which were gifts from the Missonis themselves, was “bananas!” It’s okay, baby, we’d probably gurgle with joy, too.
With any luck, Skyler will be a late bloomer — or at least, we hope he won’t grow too big, too quickly. It would be a crying shame if all the high-end shoes in his collection (roughly worth $3,700) were destined to be worn only once. Baby footwear does have its advantages, though: considering the fact that Skyler can’t actually walk, his shoes never have to touch the ground. Those loafers will forever remain pristine and unscuffed!
Of course, we would expect nothing less from an infant that nestles against a $1,400 Hermes blanket in his $914 crib, propped against two matching Hermes pillows, which sell for $522 each. Skyler cares about more than just appearances and fashion, though. Always the responsible four-month-old, he guards his financial assets in a $1,135 silver piggy bank.
So what’s the grand total of his nursery? That would be $87,000. Is that a teensy bit ridiculous? We think so! But then, maybe we’re just jealous those clothes don’t all come in our size.