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Rubber types


Today’s eraser wide range to suit different needs, the incense of ordinary rubber, but also painting with 2B, 4B, 6B and other types of art special rubber, plastic and rubber, etc.
Some of the tail with a small pencil eraser. These are mostly pink eraser, gum surface is smooth. In most occasions, they have good performance, but sometimes get the body on paper. If you focus too much, eraser chance to break the paper. When the ink is wiped, the eraser will leave residue on the paper. If you clean up properly, these residues will leave marks on paper.
Another artist used brown erasers eraser, a soft and rough rubber. It’s easy to erase a large area of ​​the design marks, and will not break the paper. However, this eraser does not erase the very effective and accurate handwriting.
Another popular artists known as the soft rubber eraser. It is mainly caused by a gray material, and compared with the gum rubber. It’s strength that it does not leave residue, so their life is far more than other long eraser. It is the “absorption” method of removing graphite handwriting. This not only can wipe eraser handwriting (in fact it can accurately remove the ink), it can be used as part of or to highlight the important work is more detailed. However, it is not good at removing large areas of handwriting, and even if the excessive heat will stain stick paper.
Soft vinyl eraser with plastic texture, and pink eraser and have the same general function. The eraser than the soft pink eraser, it is less susceptible to damage paper. Vinyl eraser is usually white.


China Commodity Trading


Taobao goods in recent years the number has increased significantly, from Dirt Bike, computers to clothing, household items, assortment, in addition to set up a network game equipment trading, virtual currency trading range and so on.

October 18, 2009, Taobao announced the first launch of 3 Taobao customized mobile phones. These three phones are the company’s cooperation with the Legend Lenovo i61 mobile phone models, “Ling Su”, and China Telecom Hisense E6 model mobile phone “situation”, in cooperation with TCL Alcatel OT808 mobile phone models. “Unparalleled.”

Special Services

The difference is that with eBay, membership in the transaction process feel lively family-style culture. One example is the member of timely communication tool – Ali Want. Join Taobao and Live Messenger after a member of famous general, if you enter a shop, just the owner but also online, then the icon will appear online dispensers, timely manner with the owner can send and receive information. Live Messenger has a viewing transaction history, to understand each other’s credit, personal information, avatars, multi-chat and other general chat tool with features.

Security system

Taobao also focus on safety integrity of the building, the introduction of real-name authentication system, and to distinguish between individual users and business user authentication, two-factor authentication is not required to submit information as individual users only need to provide proof of identity authentication, businesses need to provide certification business license, a person can not apply for two types of authentication. This can be seen in standard business terms Taobao efforts.

Taobao also introduced a credit evaluation system, Click to view the seller can get past the credit evaluation.

For buyers and sellers to pay part of the security of transactions, Taobao(B2B), Alipay launched a payment guarantee delivery method is called, in order to reduce transaction risk. Alipay especially for computers, mobile phones, jewelry and other higher priced items, or all hope of security transactions more secure transactions. Taobao is free to use Alipay. When users pay for goods with money, when, through the bank interface, Taobao’s payment, users do not pay exchange fees.

Lovely cat


There are half a day in the state of the cat to sleep in 14-15 hours a day spent in sleep,
There’s a cat, to sleep more than 20 hours, so the cat is called “Lan Mao.” However, you must carefully observe the way a cat to sleep will find, as long as a little sound, the cat’s ears will move, someone approached, they would Teng suddenly up. Originally cats are hunting animals, in order to keenly feel the outside of all movement, it is not quite dead sleep, it should not be called “lazy.” But from the cat and human sleep used to spent more dead.
2 wayward
The cat looks a little wayward, its own way. Originally Cats are like animals, acting alone, unlike the dog, follow the master’s command, collective action. Thus it is not the owner as a monarch, obey. Sometimes, how do you call it, it is when not to hear. Cat and the owner is not the master-slave relationship, the relationship between them as equal friends better. It is this relationship, it seems charming. The other cat to the owner as their parents, like a child love like a baby, it felt lonely climb when the owner of the knee, or jump to anywhere sitting on newspapers spread out, filling Jiaotai.
3. Love the clean
Frequent cleaning of their own hair. Kitten in many cases, love to lick himself, self-cleaning. Cats will be wiped after a meal with forepaws beard, tongue licking the anus after urinating, after holding his tongue was licking hair. This is a cat in the removal of body odor and dirt it. There are many cat’s tongue rough small protrusions, which is most appropriate to remove the dirty tools. After the master stroke in the cat, the cat was rubbing licking their place: the cat in the memory of people’s taste, because it fears that after the separation with the owner can not find the owner. Many people mistakenly think that this is a cat despise their own dirty.
Cat comrades attention, some cats licking hair off the hair easier to eat, when there is some time that in the cat’s body hair will gather inside the more the more they will spit it out, but it is also good, maybe you never seen them spit it out, because they like dodging the spit, and if it’s time to spit, no hair, then, may be a problem, then we should pay more

Shunsuke PK Shironeko


Have been with you before Shunsuke, and now as popular with Shunsuke there Shironeko

From the Japanese countryside, a superstar cat, it’s unusually large head, like squinting, like wearing sunglasses, like the top thing, also like drilling a small basket to sleep. Japanese cat named “cat basket” can be made to the Chinese there had a very embarrassing name “Uncle cat” because it has a 9 years old, the equivalent of more than 50 years of age, call it without too much uncle, and it is indeed like a very calm demeanor aloof uncle

There are only Japanese native cats, living in the countryside of Japan. Its owner is the brother out farmers in Japan, although it’s worth hundreds of thousands who can not keep up the name of the cat, but it is popular in the island nation, has become the hottest year in Japan, the most sought after superstars all cats, this only the native cats of famous miracle and the “United Kingdom of people,” Boyle compares favorably, it stands out from Japan, China to the fire, fire to the world, the world’s fans are available through its blog and its exchange.

Its owner with daily photos and video recording tells “Uncle cat” and that the ordinary and well-being of their simple, clear sky, such as “Uncle cat” expressions of rural farm life.

March 11, 2011 East Japan earthquake and tsunami, Iwate Prefecture is home to the cat-tert-hit, “‘Uncle cat’ you

Where? “March 8, 2011 just as” Uncle cat “to celebrate the birthday of the Chinese 9-year-old cat fans very worried.

Many users in the “cat Uncle,” the official online message: “ah Iwate Prefecture is the hardest hit, the tsunami ravaged the hope that the cat-tert-safe.” “I was faced with 10 m waves tert-cat, bear! Although it is only as far away as Japan’s cat, but its picture, it’s the video I have brought a lot of fun. cat Uncle, you must be right! “for” cat Uncle “uneasy fate of the fourth day of good news finally came. Uncle cat through his endorsement of a “living through trafficking,” published on the website a “tert-a cat without incident,” the message. Bulletin of the last sentence of the exact words “cat and dog owners a tert without incident, we rest assured,” the site so users can publish the news a lot more confidence.

Cat in a head-tert-perspective, in our eyes. Head is between people staring, cat-tert-
The interlocutor’s point of view, in the human world, naturally lovable.

This is a bulk fat Uncle, I think a little smarter, a brother Hugh, a brother of salsa shoes.

A madding crowd’s uncle, has never lacked fish, Japan, nice, ah, marine fish every day.

A little young uncle to nine worth, elderly cat sit tight spot.

A dress like the uncle, though dressed up slightly dull, but show a very loyal for life.

Uncle lucky cat, growing comfortable in the world of Japanese farmers, backed by mountains, wearing flowers, wonderful, Variety, fascinating and charming. How clear the sky, as the lush forests, simple Japanese farm, help the cat fell in a pile of Uncle fine wood, not eating, still not very anxious.

The most important feature is the cat-tert simple beauty. Yellow and white, round big head, body fat and short limbs, Mimi eye. No fancy appearance, assertive behavior, self-denial in Japan as a housewife, gestures, showing a natural state of the sincere, frank by the sublimation of the cat’s honest humanity.

Uncle is a loyal cat cat Uncle, loyal to Japan, loyal nature, loyal to his master, loyal to the fish. Uncle cat is a symbol of Japanese culture and loyalty.

Uncle is a quiet cat cat Uncle. Quiet of the Sea of ​​Japan, Kublai feel powerless and frustrated. Quiet Japanese farm, Zhongnanshan like leisurely. Uncle quiet cat, a fish face, there I am not moving from the towering quiet. Uncle cat static culture portrayal of Japan.

Uncle is a supercilious cat cat Uncle. Japanese-style microphone with small eyes, despite Japan’s snow, and the host symbiotic, ignoring

? Big fish lure, conniving child nonsense. Uncle cat eyes closed, left the hustle and bustle around the world, and I shall practice. Zen the cat. Uncle cat is the spokesman for Japan’s space culture.

Uncle is the civilian population of the cat the cat. Breath of life, fashion dress, and then point a little lack of cultural tastes, like life in an ordinary Japanese civilians. What Uncle Cat Japan’s postwar democracy be considered a product of it?

Road of the United States;

Uncle is a Taoist cat cat. Dawson, one two, two three, three things. Uncle to see a cat owner, cat owners let them pet tert-two a day, letting the Japanese people of the world like a cat-tert. Cat tert negative yin and embrace yang, male cats Uncle, her mother every day and a gesture. “Taoism cat” real deserved.

Cute rabbit


Rabbit Rabbit is a rabbit-shaped head animal subjects, a total of 9 genera and 43 species, commonly known as rabbit.
With tubular long ears (ear grew up in the multiples of the ear width); clustered short-tailed, longer and more robust than the forelimbs hind legs. Distributed in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Terrestrial, found in the desert, desertification, grasslands, tropical woodland, dry grassland and forest. Section 9 of the rabbit is a rabbit is a species only live life on the ground, good run, after the nostril wide, running at full oxygen; newborn rabbits who have hair, eyes, ears are hearing, will soon be running, commonly known as rabbit class . The remaining eight points are are like rabbits, hind legs not too long, burrowing; hole rabbits rabbits at birth did not have any hair, eyes closed, ears without hearing, seven days after the long-haired, with eyes open hearing, the need maternal care. Rabbits and hares, and there is no physical difference in the structure, the main difference is that when the nascent state. Which is the rabbit hole rabbit hole into a domesticated rabbit. Currently the world’s rabbit species are numerous, but they are rabbit hole from the Mediterranean region (RGB LED light) domesticated made​​. Rabbits can live in groups, but rabbits generally live alone. China is only 9 types of rabbits, in which grass rabbit min Buu, Asia, Africa and three continents, in addition to South China and the Tibetan Plateau, the widely distributed; Snowshoe winter white wool, located in China’s Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang, north; Plateau rabbit distributed in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau; rabbit distribution in South China South China and Taiwan, neighboring North Korea also has distribution; Northeast Mountains and a small rabbit in the Chinese distribution of Changbai Mountain area, located in Xinjiang’s Tarim rabbit Tarim Basin Tarim basin edge and Wada, Yecheng, Sha car, Bachu, Karamay. Rabbit mild, timid, and often dare to come out to feed at night. Rabbit’s ability to reproduce strong, female rabbits grow up to 8 months old can be a raw rabbit. 30 days of pregnancy can produce rabbit 3-10. Produced several times a year. Therefore, they are not only an important food source for other predators, but also people like hunting animals. Economic value is very large rabbit, both delicious meat sources, but also provide high-quality fur, medical and other scientific or experimental

Humans and cute dogs


1: Samoyed

Samoyed in Siberia, animal husbandry, Satsuma man named nation has always been used to pull sleds and guard the reindeer. Samoyed to have patience with a robust physique and famous. European explorers to use this dog in polar exploration work. This dog coat many, generally black, black white, black and brown, and ultimately to the dominant white coat varieties.

2: Dog and human civilization

The earliest domesticated animals as human beings, dogs are associated with the existence and evolution of human civilization are inextricably linked. For it, people not only with beautiful works of art to be praise, but also view them as the most faithful guardian of the zodiac is an important one. Dog in the eyes of the Chinese people always have a high status. This is evident from archaeological finds unearthed in China’s growing can be seen. In October 2002, archaeologists discovered in Luoyang city center shocked the world of the Zhou driving six East chariot pits. It solved since the Han Dynasty discovered on the Shang and Zhou, “the emperor riding six horses” or “Son of Heaven driving” argument, indicating that at least in the Eastern Zhou period, “the emperor riding six horses” is there. However, Guoxuan pit most striking of which seven sacrificial victims of the sad story of hunting dogs.

Let us return to the Eastern Zhou period, when the nobles like the carriages drove to the hunting, dogs are essential partners. The chariot pit owner is the Eastern Zhou Dynasty emperor in a 25, his lifetime passion for hunting to play. Uncovered it was found that the chariot pits in seven dogs, including six in the north of the carriage wheels. Experts analyzed, these dogs are strapped in the car buried alive. Filling, the terrified little dog hiding in the wheel after another, the result when the car after the pocket collapsed, and that six dogs have also been crushed in a car pocket. Only a very peculiar position of the dog, which appeared in Ma Hang halfway, with it is a pebble. In other words, this dog was outside the pit to break a rope climb, one step at a distance of escape when he was found, and a pebble hit on the head, cut off the dog’s escape, but also the end of it life.

This has earned pet lovers sad watching the scene, like spilled my heart with mixed. Although it is not pet the dogs, but owners of hunting dogs, along with the owner of the car was before the horse, all-powerful, won in hunting, no credit has elbow grease, how to eventually become the sacrificial lambs? Perhaps the people at that time, let the beloved dogs for their sacrificial victims, is the highest honor to a dog.

loveperro Dogs were domesticated’s about a million years ago, the Neolithic period. Cultural sites in Xi’an Banpo ancestors living area, a large number of dogs have found exhumation. In addition, Gansu Qin’an Dadiwan Neolithic site excavated pottery pot, and also found the four dogs of the image, but are depicted vivid and lovely. Which shows that, when the relationship between man and dog is quite clear, the dog has become a close partner of mankind.

The Gadgets


More than a quarter of teenagers and a fifth of adults who own a smartphone have admitted using their handset at the cinema or theatre during a performance, a report from the communications watchdog Ofcom has revealed today (4th August).
The research investigated how innovative mobile technology, such as the iPhone and other forms of smartphone, were not only changing the behavioural habits of people, but also changing their views as to what constitutes acceptable behaviour in certain social situations.
Ofcom felt the growing trend for users of technological gadgets to ignore warnings to switch them off while a performance is in progress, and to then expressly use them, raised serious issues in terms of “etiquette and modern manners”.
One of the most interesting aspects of the study revealed that people with older mobile phones were less likely to use their device when they have been asked not to. By contrast, those who had new gadgets, such as the smartphone, were more likely to disregard requests not to use them.
The report discovered that 27 per cent of teenagers regularly use their smartphones in places where they have been expressly asked to turn them off. In addition, 20 per cent of adults questioned who had these devices stated that they were likely to leave their smartphones on and use them discreetly.
Phones interrupting a performance, especially a live performance such as theatre, can have serious repercussions for the actors and audience. The actor Simon Callow revealed that it takes him about an hour to love life his composure after a phone interrupts what is happening on stage.
Perhaps even more worrying is the revelation that 66 per cent of teenagers were “highly addicted” to their smartphones. Half say they use them in the lavatory, while 40 per cent said they answer their phone if it wakes them at night.