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Bracelet of


Paleolithic period, humans wearing ornaments of this fact has been confirmed by many foreign and Chinese unearthed. In the unearthed from Willendorf Venus naked in the round, in its fullness in the chest, hips disproportionately small wrist bracelet, engraved with a kind of decoration


Goods. In the unearthed in Eastbourne in Leeds in a portrait, also engraved with similar bracelets accessories.

In Ukraine Jin unearthed objects, useful mammoth ivory carved with decorative pattern beautiful bracelet. Vieira at the coast of Gerry Ma Di unearthed objects, in addition to the use of fish vertebrae crafted bracelet, shell is also useful, oyster shells, animal teeth, making bracelets.

In about six thousand years ago in the Shandong Banpo, Qufu Xixia Hou Neolithic sites, archaeologists have discovered, Tao Huan, stone bracelet and other ancient decorative wrist bracelet ring. From the unearthed Bracelet real view, animal bones, teeth, stones, pottery etc.. A bracelet shape has a tubular, circular shape, there are two semi-circular ring split into two.

Neolithic bracelet has certain decorative surface is not only smooth, polished, and some are still bracelets engraved with some simple patterns.

Shang and Zhou Dynasty to Warring States period, the materials used jade bracelet. Either a bracelet shape or jade color, are particularly rich. In addition to jade outside, this period also saw a metal bracelet.
After the Western Han Dynasty, due to the culture and custom effects, wearing armbands of prevailing winds, armlets, style many, free expansion type, this armband can be based on arm thickness adjusting ring size. The song of Shen Kuo in” dream stream essays” wrote:” Jinling people climbed the Six Dynasties mausoleum, must arm of Mohist spirits, work”. There is a species called” jump” armband, such as springs, disc together into a circle, at least three ring, more than 10 ring, both ends with the gold and silver wire into ring, used for adjusting the tightness. The” jumping” type arm, can be worn on the arm, can also be worn on the wrist of the Department of.
The Sui and Tang Dynasties to the Song Dynasty, women with decorative arm bracelet is very common, called must armlet. Early Tang Dynasty painter Yan Liben’s” walking”,” thoughts of Zhou Fang’s the portrait of a lady”, are clearly depicted wearing armlet woman image. This is not limited to the court nobility, civilians also very keen. According to historical records, Cui Guangyuan leads his troops to attack. Chapter, from marauding, see women, cut down the arm, take the armlet. Visible at that time is not a woman wearing armlet.

After the Tang and Song Dynasties, bracelet materials and production process has a highly developed, with gold and silver bracelet, jade bracelet, inlaid with gems bracelet and so on. Modeling a ring type, type, type, Hank Beaded braids, bamboo type type.
Bracelet to the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Republic of China, with gold inlaid Gemstone Bracelet unabated. In the jewelry style design, production had very great progress.
Although it is considered as the arm Bracelet ornament, when people most early initiation of a hazy beauty consciousness, but there are also many scientists think, bracelet initial appearance was not entirely from Yu Aimei, but with the totem worship, witchcraft rituals related to. At the same time, also some historians believe that, due to the male in the economic life in the possession of absolute dominance, the ring, bracelet accessories with a metaphor on women, do not let their escape barbarian customs. This metaphor in quite a long period of time has been.

Bracelet of medical function

Fashion and health, with unbelievable health function, simple to use, at any time at any time off fatigue, fatigue resistance, the more Dai Yue easily, more physical health of Dai Yue. Wearing a mobile phone hanging a, a, is not afraid of electromagnetic radiation, wearing of work, keep a clear mind. For regular smoking, drinking people, blood is thick, wearing a Jin Zhen Bracelet after 15 minutes, ache sweep away fatigue, blood red blood cell adhesion state, acidic substances disappear, blood smooth operator.
The town of anti-fatigue bracelet to high purity germanium, titanium and health preserving magnet three natural energy element through the golden ratio, to regulate human circulating electric current in the magnetic field, the decomposition of accumulated fatigue toxins, comprehensive and thorough head, neck, shoulder, back to the body relaxed, eliminate fatigue.