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Bracelets to the women


Bracelets have always been a very popular way to express one’s style and individuality, so we’ve made sure the Ross-Simons bracelet collection includes something for everyone. Our bracelet designers and fine jewelry merchants roam all the world’s jewelry capitals to bring you the latest trends and most beautiful designs in gold and silver bracelets… from Italian charm bracelets to scores of glittering variations on the ever popular diamond tennis bracelet.

In response to today’s growing demand for bracelets of all kinds, Ross-Simons offers over 1,000 different bracelet selections right here on our site. If you’re looking for a diamond bracelet, you’ve come to the right place. We have almost 400 different diamond bracelets in gold, silver and vermeil. (And here’s a little fashion secret: cuffs are hot, hot, hot.)

And what charms bracelet lovers more than our wide selection of charm bracelets? We have gold and silver charm bracelets to delight all ages. You’ll find gold charm bracelets with heart charms, dangling pearls or other gems. Prefer a silver charm bracelet? They’re now just as popular as gold charm bracelets, and we have the variety to prove it, from a diamond-accented heart charm to sea life charms and Murano glass beads.

A woman can never own too many bracelets. Sometimes only a bangle bracelet will do, but on a special evening she really needs a diamond tennis bracelet to complete that formal outfit. Whatever the occasion, whatever your budget-you’ll find your perfect bracelet right here!

Bracelet role generally have two aspects: one is to show the identity, prominent personality; two is to beautify the arm bracelet worn on the left hand, in general, jeweled bracelets should be affixed to the wrist; not a jeweled, can be loosely worn on the wrist. Only the pair of bracelets to left and right wrist while wearing.
” He that this? Around the wrist double jump”
Bracelet in many titles,” jump” is a song by meritorious,” Tang Chronicle” is a story, Tang Wenzong one day asked:” men in the poetry of a ‘ light shirt off ‘ sentence, you know who” jump” is what?” everyone can’t answer. How to tell them:” jump off ie the wrist bracelet also.” Ancient literature, common woman bracelet with the lover’s plot
. Liang Tao view in” loveperro” describes the fairy calyx green, had donated sheep rights for Jin Heyu’s escape. Pu Songling” Liaozhaizhiyi” white jade. To write my student Wu Sheng in Wonderland with a purple fairy did, parting, fairy himself Dai Jin wrist bracelet to Wu Sheng memorial.
Now, the bracelet as a keepsake function more and more of the light, but it is still the girls on the wrist of the most beautiful scenery line, classical and modern inadvertently secretly together, wearing a bracelet girl, may already know ancient female wrist bracelet often burdened with a vow.
And earrings, necklace, ring, bracelet as a jewelry, by people as the clothing matching decorative works of art, as a modification of their own personal style, tastes, as a means of dress, there are more and more people to accept and use. Bracelet of the wearer, the aesthetic function is often the first.+