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Learn How to Care For a Silk Comforter & Duvet Cover


Silk must be taken care of gently to last through the years. Silk is a luxurious fabric that must be properly cared for or it can be ruined. Since silk is expensive, maintaining it well can keep it lovely for years to come — making the investment worth it. Silk embroidery bedding should never be thrown into a washing machine or wet with water at all. For deep cleaning, your silk duvet must go to the dry cleaner, but there are ways to care for your silk comforter and duvet at home.



1 Put the comforter into the cover to protect it from the harshness of the sun’s rays.

2 Place the silk embroidery bedding  and cover outside for one to two hours. Sun-cure your silk comforter to freshen it without getting it wet. Do not leave it out in the sun for more than two hours.

3 Bring your comforter and cover outside, and dry them on low heat for about half an hour to fluff them.

4 Spot-clean stains on your comforter and duvet cover by using a diluted, mild detergent and water. This should only be done on small spots.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check the care tag on the duvet cover. The cover may be able to be washed on the gentle cycle in the washing machine, but not the comforter itself.
  • Be sure to hang the bedding items securely or lay them on a protected surface while outdoors.
  • Never immerse your embroidery bedding in water or put it into the washing machine.

Clean a Vinyl Shower Curtain


You shower with it every single day, so shouldn’t it be clean? However, your balloon shower curtain is subject to soap scum, hard water and whatever dirt and grime you are washing off of your body. While there are some recommendations out there that will tell you to throw your vinyl shower curtain into the washing machine. By doing so, you can cause the vinyl to become worn or tear. Try these less damaging steps instead.



1 Leave the shower curtain hanging in the shower. Make a solution of equal parts vinegar and hot water in a bucket or a bowl.

2 Put on the gloves and sponge the vinegar solution onto the interior of the Hangzhou wellbon curtain.You might want to put on a bathing suit or similar and get inside of the shower to perform this step.

3 Use another sponge or your tub’s shower wand, if applicable, and rinse off the vinegar solution. Allow the shower curtain to dry.

4 Remove the professional polyester shower curtain from the shower and take it outside. Lay it on a flat, clean place that can be wet and won’t be harmed by bleach. Make a solution of one part bleach to three parts hot water and scrub the shower curtain with the solution. 5 Use a garden hose with a sprayer to rinse off the bleach solution and any remaining gunk and grime.

Learn to Sew Gift Pouch


Every year, almost 4 million tons of trash wrapping paper and shopping bags create 4 million tons of trash, according to Just as you can use reusable shopping bags to reduce waste, you can also sew your own gift pouch. Beyond being environmentally-friendly, sewn gift pouch stand out from the crowd. Cotton solids and prints work well for PVC gift pouch, but you can also experiment with other types of fabrics. Look for a ribbon that compliments the fabric.


1 Mark off a rectangle, 18 inches by 15 inches. Cut out the rectangle.

2 Fold one 15-inch edge down three inches and pin. Sew close to the fabric edge and remove the pins.

3 Fold the ribbon in half and pin it on the right side of the fabric so that it runs parallel to the line of stitching you made in Step 2. The fold of the ribbon should be along the raw edge of the fabric.

4 Fold the canvas bag in half lengthwise with the right sides facing together and pin. Keep the ribbon sandwiched between the right sides of the fabric. In Step 5, you will sew over the ribbon to secure it in place.

5 Sew a plain half-inch seam from the top of the folded edge down and across the bottom. A plain seam is stitching that joins two pieces of fabric. The half-inch refers to the seam allowance, which is the space between the stitching and the raw edge of the two pieces of fabric. Remove the pins once you have finished the seam.

6 Adjust the bag so that the side seam and the bottom seam are on top of one another and form a point. Sew a straight line about an inch away from the tip of the point. This will square off the bottom of the bag.

7 Turn the bag so that the right side of the fabric is outside, add a gift and tie the beautiful rayon tassel in a bow to close the bag.

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