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Rubber types


Today’s eraser wide range to suit different needs, the incense of ordinary rubber, but also painting with 2B, 4B, 6B and other types of art special rubber, plastic and rubber, etc.
Some of the tail with a small pencil eraser. These are mostly pink eraser, gum surface is smooth. In most occasions, they have good performance, but sometimes get the body on paper. If you focus too much, eraser chance to break the paper. When the ink is wiped, the eraser will leave residue on the paper. If you clean up properly, these residues will leave marks on paper.
Another artist used brown erasers eraser, a soft and rough rubber. It’s easy to erase a large area of ​​the design marks, and will not break the paper. However, this eraser does not erase the very effective and accurate handwriting.
Another popular artists known as the soft rubber eraser. It is mainly caused by a gray material, and compared with the gum rubber. It’s strength that it does not leave residue, so their life is far more than other long eraser. It is the “absorption” method of removing graphite handwriting. This not only can wipe eraser handwriting (in fact it can accurately remove the ink), it can be used as part of or to highlight the important work is more detailed. However, it is not good at removing large areas of handwriting, and even if the excessive heat will stain stick paper.
Soft vinyl eraser with plastic texture, and pink eraser and have the same general function. The eraser than the soft pink eraser, it is less susceptible to damage paper. Vinyl eraser is usually white.