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Shunsuke PK Shironeko


Have been with you before Shunsuke, and now as popular with Shunsuke there Shironeko

From the Japanese countryside, a superstar cat, it’s unusually large head, like squinting, like wearing sunglasses, like the top thing, also like drilling a small basket to sleep. Japanese cat named “cat basket” can be made to the Chinese there had a very embarrassing name “Uncle cat” because it has a 9 years old, the equivalent of more than 50 years of age, call it without too much uncle, and it is indeed like a very calm demeanor aloof uncle

There are only Japanese native cats, living in the countryside of Japan. Its owner is the brother out farmers in Japan, although it’s worth hundreds of thousands who can not keep up the name of the cat, but it is popular in the island nation, has become the hottest year in Japan, the most sought after superstars all cats, this only the native cats of famous miracle and the “United Kingdom of people,” Boyle compares favorably, it stands out from Japan, China to the fire, fire to the world, the world’s fans are available through its blog and its exchange.

Its owner with daily photos and video recording tells “Uncle cat” and that the ordinary and well-being of their simple, clear sky, such as “Uncle cat” expressions of rural farm life.

March 11, 2011 East Japan earthquake and tsunami, Iwate Prefecture is home to the cat-tert-hit, “‘Uncle cat’ you

Where? “March 8, 2011 just as” Uncle cat “to celebrate the birthday of the Chinese 9-year-old cat fans very worried.

Many users in the “cat Uncle,” the official online message: “ah Iwate Prefecture is the hardest hit, the tsunami ravaged the hope that the cat-tert-safe.” “I was faced with 10 m waves tert-cat, bear! Although it is only as far away as Japan’s cat, but its picture, it’s the video I have brought a lot of fun. cat Uncle, you must be right! “for” cat Uncle “uneasy fate of the fourth day of good news finally came. Uncle cat through his endorsement of a “living through trafficking,” published on the website a “tert-a cat without incident,” the message. Bulletin of the last sentence of the exact words “cat and dog owners a tert without incident, we rest assured,” the site so users can publish the news a lot more confidence.

Cat in a head-tert-perspective, in our eyes. Head is between people staring, cat-tert-
The interlocutor’s point of view, in the human world, naturally lovable.

This is a bulk fat Uncle, I think a little smarter, a brother Hugh, a brother of salsa shoes.

A madding crowd’s uncle, has never lacked fish, Japan, nice, ah, marine fish every day.

A little young uncle to nine worth, elderly cat sit tight spot.

A dress like the uncle, though dressed up slightly dull, but show a very loyal for life.

Uncle lucky cat, growing comfortable in the world of Japanese farmers, backed by mountains, wearing flowers, wonderful, Variety, fascinating and charming. How clear the sky, as the lush forests, simple Japanese farm, help the cat fell in a pile of Uncle fine wood, not eating, still not very anxious.

The most important feature is the cat-tert simple beauty. Yellow and white, round big head, body fat and short limbs, Mimi eye. No fancy appearance, assertive behavior, self-denial in Japan as a housewife, gestures, showing a natural state of the sincere, frank by the sublimation of the cat’s honest humanity.

Uncle is a loyal cat cat Uncle, loyal to Japan, loyal nature, loyal to his master, loyal to the fish. Uncle cat is a symbol of Japanese culture and loyalty.

Uncle is a quiet cat cat Uncle. Quiet of the Sea of ​​Japan, Kublai feel powerless and frustrated. Quiet Japanese farm, Zhongnanshan like leisurely. Uncle quiet cat, a fish face, there I am not moving from the towering quiet. Uncle cat static culture portrayal of Japan.

Uncle is a supercilious cat cat Uncle. Japanese-style microphone with small eyes, despite Japan’s snow, and the host symbiotic, ignoring

? Big fish lure, conniving child nonsense. Uncle cat eyes closed, left the hustle and bustle around the world, and I shall practice. Zen the cat. Uncle cat is the spokesman for Japan’s space culture.

Uncle is the civilian population of the cat the cat. Breath of life, fashion dress, and then point a little lack of cultural tastes, like life in an ordinary Japanese civilians. What Uncle Cat Japan’s postwar democracy be considered a product of it?

Road of the United States;

Uncle is a Taoist cat cat. Dawson, one two, two three, three things. Uncle to see a cat owner, cat owners let them pet tert-two a day, letting the Japanese people of the world like a cat-tert. Cat tert negative yin and embrace yang, male cats Uncle, her mother every day and a gesture. “Taoism cat” real deserved.